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August 08, 2017

The Diversity of Denim w/ Lookbook Video!

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I walk into Topshop one day to find these beautiful white jean on sale for £15 and I knew I had to have them but the store was closing so i couldn't try them on so I RISKED IT! Went home to try them on and turnt out they didn't even go past my thighs! So how mega disappointed I was because these were QUALITY TOPSHOP Jeans that I could not let go to waste. Me being the crafty, creative, and cheap DIY enthusiast that I am, knew that I could find another use out of my £15. And that folks is how this outfit born. 

 The original jeans had a distressed-patch look courtesy of Topshop so in order to create the patches on the skirt, I just needing to take off the patches already on the jeans and sew them onto to the skirt to give a coordinate feel to the matching white denims.

What I Wore:

TOP - MOTO Patch Selvedge Straight Leg Jeans (Original Price £42.00, Sale Price £15.00

SKIRT - Mid Blue Denim - PRIMARK (£8.00)


Wouldn't you say this outfit is simply ... JEANOUS

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June 27, 2017


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What I Wore: 
SKIRT - Mid Blue Denim - PRIMARK (£8.00)

So, we've all seen the latest trend of lace up and stitching that's been sweeping the nation. Missguided's Denim section is filled with distressing until there is less denim and more holes wherever you can fit them! HOWEVER, you guys know how cheap I am, I was not about to pay no £32.00 for some holes in my skirt that I can make myself. SO instead, I'll be teaching you guys how to turn this £8.00 PRIMARK SKIRT into something extraordinary in 7 easy steps!

June 02, 2017

Pinafores, Plants & Plaits

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What I Wore: 
Top - Long Sleeve Top With Roll Neck In White - THRIFTED
Dress - Green Ankle Length Pinafore Dress with Back Slit - THRIFTED
Sliders - Morro Bay Slides FILA - TOPSHOP

This outfit in all honesty is a bit out of my comfort zone. On a normal day, I wouldn't jump at this combo but I'm happy that today I chose to step out of my usual culturally safe attire and wear something more feminine and girly. I spotted this dress in a local charity shop a few weeks ago for £5 and completely neglected it when i bought it assuming that I would never wear it but the weather was bland but still humid so I wanted to cover up a bit. I paired this pinafore with a white roll neck top to add contrast to the dress and a nice ribbed, gripping feel. Because of the awkward length, a few inches above the ankle, I matched this outfit with some white sliders and also added some white band details in my plaits to add a more innocent and put together look. In my opinion, this outfit is perfect for a casual day out with your friends in a park, picnic type scene but not completely ideal for long walks since the length of the dress and the sliders if comfort is what you seek.

May 27, 2017

Fishnet Season

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Fishnet Season is Back

The Fishnet trend is a trend that comes and goes and this season it CAME - LIKE HARD. It has been seen on the runway,  Instagram and blogs. One of the main ways it was worn is under jeans through rips and skirts.

Top - 'Light Before Dark' White Fishnet T-Shirt - URBAN OUTFITTERS
Bralet - Black Floral Cross Back Bralet - RIVERISLAND
Skirt - Denim Super Stretch Mini Black Skirt Eyelet Lace Up - MISSGUIDED

What I Wore: RED  OUTFIT
Top - 'Light Before Dark' Red Long Sleeve Fishnet Top - URBAN OUTFITTERS
Bralet - Black Floral Cross Back Bralet - RIVERISLAND
Skirt - Levi Denim Mini Blue Skirt  - THRIFTED

May 24, 2017

Out of the Blue - In with the New.

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Blue Bantu Baddie

What I Wore: 

Top - Halter Neck Super Cropped Top - TOPSHOP
Jeans - Light Blue Denim Ankle Grazers with DIY Distressing - PRIMARK
Shoes - Rihanna Suede Grey Platform Creepers - PUMA X FENTY
Jacket - J.CREW Field mechanic jacket - Thrifted

You guys already know Ankle Grazers are my absolute FAV - like come on look how long my legs look! Finally we can start wearing Crop Tops without being looked at like were crazy in this warm weather. This Halter Neck from Topshop is perfect to show off those arms and can be warn with some high wasted jeans or low wasted. But if you're anything like me, an oversized jacket is perfect to wear off the shoulders to hide that pop belly a bit while still looking trendy.
This is a prime example that you don't have to be a size 6 or have a six to wear a crop top. Be confident enough to wear a crop top on its own or lightly covered and be comfortable in your skin. 

Thank you for reading and make sure you guys comment down below what kind of look you guys what to see next PLEASE! Would REALLY appreciate it!

May 17, 2017

Flower Child, Beautiful Child - I'm in Your Zone

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 🌼  Flower Power 🌼

 Spring Everyday Look

What I Wore: 

Sunglasses - Oval NIRVANA Kurt Cobain Retro Glasses - ALIEXPRESS

Top - White Puffer Sleeved Off-Shoulder Ruffled Top - NEWLOOK 

Jeans - Blue Denim Ankle Grazers with DIY Distressing - PRIMARK


This look is a basic, affordable spring look with some flower girl aspects perfect for the spring. I know living in London can have its up and downs - for example it's pouring this very minute so we know how to appreciate the sun when we have it. So to celebrate the 5 Seconds of Sun that we have, throw on a loose off the shoulder shirt with your favorite denim jeans - or shorts if your'e feeling 
risqué - and enjoy the weather! The sunglasses you can find on Aliexpress or Ebay for no more than £2! CAN YOU IMAGINE! They come in a range of colors and styles to fit with EVERY outfit!

This look can easily be styled with some open-toe sandals since the jeans are ankle grazers. The sunglasses adds a pop of color to the outfit as well as some character. If your feeling extra-extra (which is me all the time!) add some flowers into your hair, not just on top but in different parts. This will really add the Flower Power to the outfit.
Make sure you guys comment down below what kind of look you guys what to see next PLEASE! Would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks for reading!

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