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The Diversity of Denim w/ Lookbook Video!

I walk into Topshop one day to find these beautiful white jean on sale for £15 and I knew I had to have them but the store was closing so i couldn't try them on so I RISKED IT! Went home to try them on and turnt out they didn't even go past my thighs! So how mega disappointed I was because these were QUALITY TOPSHOP Jeans that I could not let go to waste. Me being the crafty, creative, and cheap DIY enthusiast that I am, knew that I could find another use out of my £15. And that folks is how this outfit born. 

 The original jeans had a distressed-patch look courtesy of Topshop so in order to create the patches on the skirt, I just needing to take off the patches already on the jeans and sew them onto to the skirt to give a coordinate feel to the matching white denims.

What I Wore:

TOP - MOTO Patch Selvedge Straight Leg Jeans (Original Price £42.00, Sale Price £15.00

SKIRT - Mid Blue Denim - PRIMARK (£8.00)


Wouldn't you say this outfit is simply ... JEANOUS

Image result for ba dum tss

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