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Flower Child, Beautiful Child - I'm in Your Zone

 🌼  Flower Power 🌼

 Spring Everyday Look

What I Wore: 

Sunglasses - Oval NIRVANA Kurt Cobain Retro Glasses - ALIEXPRESS

Top - White Puffer Sleeved Off-Shoulder Ruffled Top - NEWLOOK 

Jeans - Blue Denim Ankle Grazers with DIY Distressing - PRIMARK


This look is a basic, affordable spring look with some flower girl aspects perfect for the spring. I know living in London can have its up and downs - for example it's pouring this very minute so we know how to appreciate the sun when we have it. So to celebrate the 5 Seconds of Sun that we have, throw on a loose off the shoulder shirt with your favorite denim jeans - or shorts if your'e feeling 
risqué - and enjoy the weather! The sunglasses you can find on Aliexpress or Ebay for no more than £2! CAN YOU IMAGINE! They come in a range of colors and styles to fit with EVERY outfit!

This look can easily be styled with some open-toe sandals since the jeans are ankle grazers. The sunglasses adds a pop of color to the outfit as well as some character. If your feeling extra-extra (which is me all the time!) add some flowers into your hair, not just on top but in different parts. This will really add the Flower Power to the outfit.
Make sure you guys comment down below what kind of look you guys what to see next PLEASE! Would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice and thought challenging, something outside the box, wish I could meet you in person


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